can you, in a brief statement, explain exactly what your business/company is about?
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Hello My Savvy Entrepreneur Friend!  Welcome to the second installment of BLISS AND TELL BRANDING 101 and your monthly dose of design + branding reality!  Before we begin part 2 of your branding journey, I want to tell you how thrilled I am to hear from so many of the BLISS AND TELL friends.  Thank you for the awesome emails and  lovely comments as a result of the first BLISS AND TELL BRANDING 101 post.  I understand you’re excited to learn how YOU can change your brand and your business starting today…starting now! So grab that third cup of coffee (or bev' of choice) and get ready to start refining, and perfecting what you’ve currently got going on with your brand. Today we’re really going to evaluate your brand, and confirm that you understand what your brand is. Some of our clients come to BLISS AND TELL with a piecemeal brand as a result of desperate thinking, rushed decision making and mixed marketing messages.  Far too many businesses have sloppy brands and I don’t want your company to be one of them.  So let’s do this… let me guide you toward growing a strong brand which is built from thoughtful strategy, a defined brand statement and a solid brand foundation.

In my previous post, we already covered that your logo is not your brand.  Your brand is the all-encompassing vibe of your company.  The vibe of your business is defined by the purpose, vision, personality and values of the company.  According to FORBES “Every brand makes a promise. But in a marketplace in which consumer confidence is low and budgetary vigilance is high, it’s not just making a promise that separates one brand from another, but having a defining purpose.  Let me repeat…a defining purpose, a core purpose, what we call a “brand statement.”  You want your clientele to remember the overall essence of your company, not just the logo or website.   While a logo, website and even catchy phrase might clarify your brand and make it more memorable, they are only expressions of your company’s purpose and personality. 

Here at BLISS AND TELL we spend weeks collaborating with our clients to research & discover the brand statement of their company before we even begin to think about the design side of their project. Defining the brand statement for your business, which might feel like a daunting task, is absolutely necessary as it is the driving force which all of your company behaviors and actions align. Aw, c’mon…this stuff is exciting but you’re going to need to dig deep as crafting a concise, well  defined ‘brand statement’  of your business will take some concentrated effort…(no doubt). However, with the right amount of soul searching, decision making and a bit of data gathering you’re sure to uncover what the true purpose of your business is.

Let’s work through 4 brand defining topics that you’ll need (and want) to know in order to produce your very own brand statement. Start by defining defining important details that will help you ...start by printing this brand statement worksheet:


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C A S E   S T U D Y :  Take for example a large project we recently completed.  Our client is an interior designer with her own home-decor & textile collection and the owner of 3 retail home-decor stores.  It’s pretty easy to define that brand - -  a designer with a product line that owns a shop right?  But to build a brand around her talent, her products and her store(s), we first needed to determine specifically what kind of design-style she focuses on and what kind of client she is targeting before any brand identity/design can begin.  We were mindful of her vision, defined her ideal “dream client,” understood the purpose of her product, style of service and other details customers might expect from her, her products and her store(s).

After many weeks of collaboration, research and working through the BLISS AND TELL branding process my clients’ brand statement became clear. In one brief explanation we were able to define what her company is all about. Not only did we create a concise brand statement that became our working guide to building a strong brand foundation for her business…we witnessed our client clearly define her vision and goals for the first time, she gathered more insight about her industry than ever before and ultimately gained so much more confidence about herself (as an entrepreneur) and her rapidly growing company.

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I challenge you to write down what you think your brand-statement is.  Yep, right now, jot it down on a piece of paper that you’ll leave out and visible at your desk, on your counter or taped to your computer.  Know that what you write down today will change and refine as you begin this lil’ branding journey.  I promise you that your efforts will reap reward. I hope you’re excited about what you’re about to discover about your brand and experience how your business will immediately benefit from the brand work your doing now. Can you, in a brief statement, explain exactly what your company/business is about? That's all you need to do before we connect again next month and take another step toward a better business brand.

WHOA!!!!  Once again...take a breath…and as you exhale… please recognize that the feeling you might be experiencing (ya’ know…that ache in your gut, that little tug at your heart) is a great thing.  It’s the same feeling that fueled your initial ideas, sparked your entrepreneurial journey and got you where you (and your business) are today.   


Until next time…you can find me and B&T here:

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