June 28, 2017


we're switchin' things up a bit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Okay, so it's the end of the season ...and not too late to do some spring cleaning here in the B&T STUDIO + OFFICE. This means we're all working to organize everything we need and actually use while saying "bah-bye" to the stuff that's adding extra weight to our heavy project load.  You know...getting rid of the paper swatches and ribbon samples from old projects...tossing outdated files (physically and digitally)...organizing boxes and boxes of collateral material printed for past clients etc. That being said...I'm also cleanin' up the B&T mailing list.

NL.bag Cleanin' house has allowed me to really see how much my company has experienced, improved and grown since you first signed-up to follow B&T.  Sharing blog posts about our projects, inspiring design ideas, peaks into our studio and favorite stylish products proved to be the time growing our following to 4k.  However we're changing the email subscription format to focus solely on the monthly BLISS AND TELL BRANDING 101 which has proven to be more beneficial to our readers/clients.  I invite you to PLEASE STAY and subscribe to the monthly newsletter email list so you can take charge of your own branding journey, get my design + branding tips, insider resources etc. NLimagetemplate

SIGN-UP FOR A CHANCE TO WIN We're giving away these super cute canvas tote bags from a sweet company we love to work with...DREAMSTATE.   If you think the updated newsletter format is a good fit for you we're giving away a bag to every 10th subscriber (up till the 40th email address we get) SIGN UP HERE.


Below are exclusive links to the first 2 months of the series. Check it out...see whatcha think as I look forward to sharing lotsa brand building 'things' with you during the remainder of the year. 





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