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The author and creative voice behind the beautifully curated and rapidly growing blog ROOMS FOR RENT, where her passion for interior design and simple approach to decor are evident. Bre's vibe is famous for it's farmhouse feel and her love for historic architecture, country settings and coastal homes are just a few stylish things that encourage her to create spaces that are relaxed, comfortable and have a classic appeal. We love the bold and lovely look Bre has inspired for this business-set collection...which she is using for her own interior design business DOUCETTE DESIGN. // read Bre's BLOG and follow the 'Rooms For Rent' INSTAGRAM feed // 

complete personalization / 1 revision / 1 proof / 1000 printed business cards / 100 printed notecards + blank envelopes / 3 digital logo files / 1 rubber stamp

*option to purchase additional coordinating business necessities (ie: round seals, hang tags, mailing labels) see below.

1:  View the color options.  Pick your favorite!
2:  Choose from the 3 icon styles.
3:  Pick an envelope.
4:  Share your business information in the space provided below (we will use these details to personalize this business-set for you).

NOTE: Before you ADD TO CART, check out the additional business essentials + prints available to enhance the marketing of your business.




  • SIZE | 2" x 3.5"
    QUANTITY | 1000
    double sided - color printing
    SIZE |  4.25" x 5.5"
    QUANTITY | 100
    double sided – color printing

    SIZE | a2 
    QUANTITY | 100
  • SIZE | approx. 2" x 4"
    QUANTITY | 1
    wooden handle rubber stamp
    - logo variation
    - logo icon for social media (instagram, facebook, etc.)
    - logo header for email campaign


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