This mini-brand set is a boldly sweet, sold one time only and tailored to fit your business needs.  All included items may be customized with your specific color palette, choice of suggested type-styles and exact content/text. This mini-brand set would be a lovely solution for a variety of businesses (ie: catering company, foodie, vintage boutique, stationery company, children's business, party rental, etc.)

BANNER FLAIRE offers a complete mini-branded set that is sold only once and includes collaboration with a Bliss and Tell Branding Company designer. We will work with you to tailor every detail of this design and coordinating elements.
- color palette customization (for entire set)
- choice of suggested type-styles (fonts)
- exact info/text customization
- design and production of:
--- 1000 printed business cards
--- 100 printed notecards
--- 100 envelopes
--- 1 rubber stamp
--- 3 digital logo art files
--- 2 hi-res pattern art files
--- "print ready" collateral files: hi-res versions of all designed elements (business cards, notecards etc.)

- option to purchase additional + coordinating mini-brand necessities (ie: round seals, hang tags, mailing labels)


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    All BRAND MARKET mini-brand sets are only sold one time and have been conceptualized and designed by Bliss and Tell Branding Company. BRAND MARKET is a 'brand boutique' where savvy business owners will find the perfect mini-brand set that captures the look + vibe of their business. All BRAND MARKET mini-brand sets are tailored (work with a designer) and produced (printed) for the client within 2 weeks. You will even receive digital files of your logo and all collateral pieces designed for you. Be sure to review our FAQS + PROCESS page before requesting to purchase this mini-brand set.

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